Cars at 6 a.m.

It’s been a month since my last post. Wow, I would forget how to write at this rate.

On Monday the 4th, I started my new job. It’s embarrassing, but I was so nervous that I woke up before 4 a.m.

Once I left home, I became certain that there’s something magical about the air at 6 in the morning. I’d missed it, that strange feeling of new breath, and I hadn’t realized it until I met it again. There is that serenity around the languid pace of cars passing by, preparing for a hectic day ahead. A whole life had been my room’s window away from me, a life that I had to take a break from, one which I truly missed.

As a person who feels at ease with schedules and routines, I appreciate having to wake up early and going to work. It is far too soon to determine what I feel about this particular job, but I’ve yet to have that dreadful realization of having made a wrong decision. People who know me asked, and my description received, “It suits you.” I sure hope it does.

I often use the phrase “bottom of the food chain,” to describe someone who is completely new to a situation, and yes, I do extend the analogy (The marine food chain, to be specific). In my new workplace, sharks and whales are incredibly kind, and everyone around me is so knowledgeable. Instead of discouragement, I feel like there’s so much room to grow.  I am intimidated but looking forward to upgrading to a secondary consumer.

On other news, I got accepted as a columnist in Sail E-magazine! My first article will be published in the October issue, as far as I know. To keep up with that role, I remade my reading/writing twitter and hopefully, will not abandon it anymore. I’ll look forward to seeing you over there 🙂

14 thoughts on “Cars at 6 a.m.

  1. There really is something magical about early mornings. You feel you are the only one in the world, in a good way. Heartiest congratulations to you !

    I am a writer. Wow, it did take a lot of courage to say that after all these years. It would be amazing if you reviewed some of my Elemental stories. Awaiting your thoughts – A plankton in the sea.

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  2. This tho, “there’s something magical about the air at 6 in the morning” DUUUDE! You tell no lies. I remember the first time i went to high school like, really early (just for the fun of it to see who would actually show up at 6:30. Got some surprising answers honestly) the road was so clear, the air crisp, i smelled things like grass and felt the wind in my hair… that has never happened. but the best part is kinda slowly seeing the world become busy while you are still calm at the centre of it. Koolest thing in life

    Congrats on the magazine man. How does one become a free lance writer for a magazine by the way? (ahem, just asking for a friend. side eyes emoji).

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