Thoughts on Constellations a thousand friends

To the thousand followers of this blog, and to everyone who took the time to comment or like, thank you! I hope my pieces, short and chopped as they are, continue to provide some value or inspiration to you.

Now, I’ve never been a fantasy gal (nervously looks back to obscene amounts of true crime content). I guess starting one shocked me into writing Constellations after a writing block that lasted too long. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a shot and let me know what you think about the Woodwose, about the story, and/or about Constance. I’ve considered expanding into an online novella if people showed interest in it, but still a bit reluctant.

I found myself exploring the Woodwose and his past, and Constance with her adventure and the world they live in, and the creatures in it. Hey, this might actually grow into a series of novellas, not just one, if I magically gain the commitment that beats how worn out I get by writing up 1500 words (and a beta-reader, I must magically gain a beta-reader). And yes, “Constellations” is only a placeholder title that I decided on before self-doubt managed to seep in and toss the story in the trash.

I’ve also been trying to find good online short stories, things to draw inspiration from (and to force myself to read outside my typical genres). If you’ve written one, feel free to post a link to the full story, a chapter, or an excerpt. Anything is fine as long as it isn’t NSFW.

Thank you all for the thoughts and encouragement again. I’ll be looking forward to receiving your feedback!

25 thoughts on “Thoughts on Constellations a thousand friends

  1. Good luck! I enjoyed the Woodwose, although I admit it was late when I found it and I didn’t read it very carefully. I’d love to start beta reading for other authors, but I’ve never done it before.

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  2. I just read Constellations and I have to say I found it very intriguing. If this is not your normal genre that’s too bad. It was highly creative and kept me a little askew psychologically. Very interesting. Can’t wait to see where you go from here.

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  3. Yes congrats young lady, a thousand has a nice ring to it.
    I will be in my 5th week on this site tonight, and have garnered 32 followers thus far, but it’s the 600 likes which make me happier. I write for myself, but we all crave acceptance and recognition.
    I’m looking forward to Constellations and will read it next week.
    I write only a page at a time, because that is how I read. Except for pages 54 & 55 which rolled together.
    That’s over 30,000 words and a short novel is 40,000. However, each new post someone makes here adds to my vocabulary and creativity, as I draw all my fluidity from those around me.
    Again, good, good, good, on the thousand threshold.

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    1. We write for ourselves, but I remember someone making a post that’s along the lines of, “if you bake a cake for 6 hours, you’d want people to eat it.”
      Congrats for 600 likes! Thats incredible, considering that you’ve been around for 5 weeks only.
      I wish I had the creativity and motivation to sit down and write pages on end. I’m pretty sure there’s minimal benefit from breaks and reading at this point.

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      1. It’s freaky to me because I have to read as much as I write. I was looking for work, but work never came. So 5 weeks ago I started writing again. My professors downgraded many of my papers because they were too personal during school. But here I can do whatever I want.
        Thank you for for the compliment, and since our last interaction I’ve picked up another follower. My good friend Arthur has three sites here. His novel, his art, and his poetry, and it was he & his wife Jenny who suggested I put my book here as well.
        I am actually a good cook and baker, posting some of my meals on fb, but I think we’d be better off throwing a six hour cake through a window somewhere. And then running away laughing.
        It’s after 2 a.m. here, so I’m going to get some sleep. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Tomorrow is your short story for me. Chat soon.


  4. I started blogging so as to share my fantasy story The Red Lands with the world. So keep on writing! Hopefully I will soon be able to publish my very own e-book. I would very much like to be able to have it recommended on blogs like these.

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  5. Congratulations on the 1000 (+) followers. For what it’s worth I thought the ‘Woodwose’ piece to be excellent, beautiful prose, I loved everything about the final paragraph, the language, and the feelings in it; the sadness, the sense of mystery, regrets, foreboding. Lots and lots in there, thank you.

    I tried to write a book review of a book I love and it came out more as a short story (featuring older versions of the characters in the book), I wonder if it would be of interest. I don’t know it it is ‘good’ or not, but there it is thanks

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