The life and writing update you don’t really need


So my family’s gone abroad for a vacation, and I decided to stay home. In a community where you’re expected to live with your parents until you’re married, that quiet is more daunting than I thought it would be. Home’s generally quiet anyway, and although I’m not explicitly lonely, it feels like this kind of change gives way to some unnecessary thoughts to barge in.

Work has been overwhelming, and I cannot believe that when I’m finally (legally) able to take a couple of weeks off, I can’t find the right time to do it until the end of APRIL. Yes, I am on the verge of tears.

(Emphasis on verge, since today’s payday)

But writing has been going well, although I don’t know how my pace slowed down this much compared to when I was writing my first little novella (undisclosed, that was cringy as heck ughh). I really need to think up a new title for Constellations if I want to extend it.

I wrote a character introduction piece for my sea witch who isn’t actually a sea witch, she’s just that well informed. There’s something about writing people of color that can serve as my main motivation to write.

(Yes, I am a person of color too, but the people I write are often from other races. There’s so much to learn when you research that, even if you’re not sticking to our real life cultures when you’re writing up your own world)

I think I’m gonna post that under character intro and a flower prompt series I’ve been thinking of doing, one that includes the meanings of flowers or what they signify.

Heck yeah, science people don’t play.

9 thoughts on “The life and writing update you don’t really need

    1. Yes! She just has a reputation, and she goes along with it. I always have a crisis with names, but I’ve been thinking about naming her Luna. I love the name and its link to the moon. What do you think?

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  1. As a white CIS male, I have always struggled writing characters of other sexuality and race without bending to cliches and accidentally writing stereotypes. Due to a fear of accidentally doing this, I just write avoiding any description.

    I am not sure what my point of writing this is, just that I hope to read what you have one day!

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    1. The thing is, my character wasn’t meant to be a person of color. I changed her race last minute, then continued building up her character from there. My only problem now is giving her a flaw, because I don’t believe in perfect characters. Thanks for leaving in a comment!


  2. I have had other students ask me why I sometimes put people of color into my writings, yet never speak of ‘races’. I tell them that a black man from Paris, or the UK, is a man of color, but his culture is where he was raised…either French or English.
    Asians seem very similar to most Americans, however you don’t mix Koreans with Japanese or Vietnamese, as there is a conflict regarding their cultures. Therefore my people of color are really to represent their cultural perspectives.
    Lastly, liberated black people in America who align themselves with their African heritage, are not African, they are black. And bask in the knowledge that they finally found their land of origination, not ever adopting its culture, because they are Americans.
    Brown people are as similar to whites and asians as the aforementioned ethnicities. Yet bordering Pakistanis are despised by the Hindu Indians, and visa versa.
    Puerto Ricans which are originally of Spanish descent (Spain), hate to be considered Mexicans, which are really a blend of Spaniards, Aztec and Yacci Indians. Yet they all evolved from Spain…which at one time were Italians who relocated from Greece. Oh, and the Moors who reached Spain in the 13th & 14th centuries building the Ottoman Empire.
    Only anglo saxons are white as we hid in caves in northern Germany for thousands of years before venturing out to the scandinavian isles and to the UK. True, Germans are pretty big sluts, so there’s a part of us in almost everybody. However, my grandfather said till the day he died, we all came from Namibia.

    I am currently playing with the idea of being the female character in a love story (short story perhaps), maybe I have a half dozen pages thus far.
    Well this is all my crap that nobody needs, & I have had fun sharing it.
    Thank you for yours as well.

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  3. I think there is a distinction between lonely and lonesome. Lonely is being aware of dependence on someone or thing to make you happy. Lonely is more severe than lonesome and has accompanying sadness. Feeling lonesome is more temporary, even fleeting, and not as deeply felt. Ask yourself which it is. Independence is a good thing. 🙂


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