Rightfully, I am She

In her everything

I am her rage

When she storms

But her calm

When she rains

When she trembles

I am her faults

And her lines

And her fault lines

I am lands that engulf

And that bloom

To give back

I am the brilliance in her skies

The colors and the black

Her yearning for the Sun

And the Moon’s for her

I was born

from one fistful

Of Earth

33 thoughts on “Earth

  1. I think what made me like this poem is its rhythm. I don’t know–on one hand, I’m thinking that it’s a very usual thing to write short lines in free verse (I sometimes write that way myself). But here, the free verse and the short lines work together to bring out a rhythm that suits the assertion and power of Earth, which manages to make you HEAR her as grand and great. (Gosh. Okay I dorked out there…but this was very, very nice. Thank you!)

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    1. Can I just say that your comment made me embarrassingly happy (I suppose it’s that “I dorked out” at the end) Thank you! It’s my first poem ever, so your praise means so much!

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      1. It didn’t seem like a first poem, so good job (I just looked at the tags though haha…it’s true, you said it was your first!) If you don’t mind, I’ll probably be commenting on other older posts now and then… see you around!

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  2. Have you ever considered publishing your poetry? There’s a really nice publishing press in my home state called Iris Press. I feel like they would love you there.

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      1. Well then I’d just like to say that you have a lot of talent. If you ever want some advice on it or anything, I’m here. But just to let you know, I think that you’d make an exceptional poet.

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