In the Land of the Rising Sun

This would be one of the posts I write as I go along (and I’ve forgotten how to write by the looks of it, so apologies in advance).

Anyways, hello!

I went on a trip to Japan for 10 days. I walked more than I had ever, and I saw lights and snow and mountains and shrines. I held up a hedgehog called Mina, and pet deer that roamed around the parks of Nara, and the owls in its cafes, and touched a shark and screamed when I felt its pulse. I hiked up a mountain to a monkey park and bought a Ghibli music box that made me cry when it played. I also sprinted across Hong Kong Airport twice cause I was too busy eating melons and almost missed my transit trip.

I ate so much, and I wore so much. It was colder than the last time we’d been there and definitely colder than Dubai. I started understanding why people who don’t live in the desert hate the cold, but I didn’t come to hate it anyway.

It was a wonderful trip, and now it’s over.

(Photo credits to my brother @_bnfahad)

I’m not really sad, I’m grateful about how smooth it went. It was the first two-person trip I’ve ever been on (joke’s on you and all the people of Japan who thought we’re a couple staying in different hotel rooms. I went with my younger brother), and the first I was primarily responsible for planning. Needless to say, I was anxious as heck every time we had to catch a flight or a train, or to check-in into a different hotel. Which means a lot of anxiety, because we stayed in 3 cities excluding the ones we went for one-day trips to.

But I’m feeling less grounded now. It’s hard to explain, but I was so dependent on this through 2018. Every time my thoughts would get out of control, I’d remember that there’s a trip waiting for me at the end of the year, so I would look up places to go to things to do. I’m glad the trip lived up to my expectations, and there is something I am anticipating in 2019, so I’m grabbing hold of that now, and using it to keep my eyes set on my goals.

Speaking of which, have you any resolutions? I generally don’t believe in them, but I’ve decided to write a small review/summary of (almost?) every book I read and movie I watch in 2019. I’ve gotten frustrated with forgetting the substance of all the media I consume, so what better time to begin something like this than the beginning of the year?

And finally, thanks for putting up with this loser of a writer (me) who posts once every blue moon. I wish you all years of happiness and prosperity 🙂





7 thoughts on “In the Land of the Rising Sun

  1. Summarizing the year’s books is always a productive exercise (in my opinion). I’ll be glad to read more about Japan. I’ve owed you a visit back for some months, so thanks for visiting Under Western Skies.

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    1. It seems such a great idea. I do feel I ‘lose’ books once I’ve finished them, they slip away. The odd times I have reviewed a book it has help keep it alive. But it is so much work, for me anyway. I’ve just finished a(nother) Penelope Fitzgerald, which I loved. Maybe I will try and write a few words on it. Thanks for the ‘push’.

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  2. I can feel exactly like you do. I travelled to Japan for 10 days as well, and I absolutely loved it. I believe I left a part of me in Tokyo and I can’t wait to go there again. Japan is magical and unique, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading about people who had the same experiences as I did. Keep on writing and believe more in yourself you can achieve anything you set your mind to 🙂

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  3. Hi there! Lovely post of yours. I would like to go to Japan someday and you’ve made me more excited when that time comes. At least I’ve got a glimpse of what is in Japan. Well, as for me resolutions could start anytime even if it is not the beginning of the year. We could personally change if we would want to. Change for the better that is. Looking forward to more of your works and I am telling you, I am a fan. See you around! 😁

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