Two thousand friends and another update you don’t really need


So my blog’s hit two thousand followers recently. Thank you so much! I have been doing none of you justice, but I genuinely appreciate your time and kindness. There’s really nothing as gratifying as knowing that someone’s enjoyed what you’ve created, so I’d still be happy if just one person cared to read this blog, but I guess I’m two-thousand times as grateful now.

Currently, I’m as writing-blocked as I always have been. My last post, Soft callings , was actually written as part of a twitter activity. I asked my followers to send me emojis and used them to write tiny stories. This was my favorite.

(I have around 10 more requests but I’m so creatively bankrupt to the point where I feel like a joke saying that I write for a hobby)

Have a great rest of the day, friendos 💓

13 thoughts on “Two thousand friends and another update you don’t really need

      1. Thank you! Emojis work as single-word prompts as well, but I’ve still been struggling. I might use this to solidify the ideas a little more, though, so thanks a lot

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  1. I often find myself in a creative slump -to the point that I often blog about it… It’s like mentally telling myself how to get over the block through a blog. hahaha…

    Well, I hope you get through your writer’s block. Have a nice day.

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    1. I wonder if I’ll ever be creative enough to write something longer than a blog post? Ooof. Thanks for the comment, I hope you tear your way out of your slump(s), too.

      Thank you! And have a great one yourself

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