Return of the life updates you don’t really need: fierce women, dreamy boys, more magic

Hello hello!

(Yes, I’ve abandoned this blog. I have. I’m gonna punch myself in the mouth for it.)

How are you guys? How’s quarantine treating you? I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

Due to the fact that there practically are cobwebs growing all over this blog, I’ve decided to challenge myself into writing and posting something every single day. I’m thinking starting small, only a week, and seeing where that takes me. The initial purpose of inkofhers was to encourage me to write and post everyday, but I don’t think less than 50 posts in 3 years qualifies as success. (Edit from the future: Something about forcing myself to write just to post destroys the ‘quality’ of my writing. I didn’t want to post pieces I’m not happy with, so I’ll quietly quit the hell out of this. I promise I’m writing a lot more than usual, though!)

Remember how, in my last post, I described a strange need to delve into magic? I did; I watched Ghibli movies, read fantasy (unlike myself) and some more mythology (A LOT like myself), and listened to retellings of fairy tales on podcasts to put me to sleep. A writing project that I ended up prying out of that is a back story/character study of Lady Eboshi’s character (what can I say, I’m just too weak against women being kings). I’m trying to make it so that even people who haven’t watched the movie can enjoy it. It’s turning out much more extensive than I’d thought, so I really hope you guys will give it a shot if when I post it.

On reading: I’ve pushed myself into finishing 2 books in less than a week and discovered that I have, in fact, not lost my ability to read. I just need to relearn how to focus on things that are longer than a single damn tweet. Throughout, I’ve also been savouring the book “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones, the masterpiece behind my favourite movie by the same name. I’ve been enjoying the book tremendously; the characters are so different from the movie it’s just amusing. Movie Howl, the gentle prince of my heart, is a far cry from the insufferable, overdramatic moron in the book (who, in all honesty, still managed to snatch my heart and run with it). Sophie’s steadfastness is the same, and she’s a lovely character. Book Sophie unapologetically slides snarky comments to Howl all the time, and there’s so much bickering it’s had me laughing out loud several times (and I really never laugh while reading).

I’m going to wrap up this babble-turned-book review mess now. Thank you so much for reading if you’re still here. Please stay healthy and safe during these crazy times!


24 thoughts on “Return of the life updates you don’t really need: fierce women, dreamy boys, more magic

  1. 🙂 keep reading and writing. I can relate to your quandary. I’ve been reading (for fun and for knowledge) more this year than the past 20,30 and maybe 40 years, except for my colleges years, of course. Reading helps the writing. My most recent venture is read 20 minutes a day and write 20 minutes a day. I do take Sunday’s off. Even though my writing these days is mostly journaling or “Dear Diary” type, it helps keep th flame alive.

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  2. The coronavirus still exists, we’re on a partial quarantine, while the cure is nowhere to be seen. But I’m still alive! At the risk of babbling myself, I’d just say a few things.

    Reading is good. Keep on flippin’ those pages! Or swiping if you’re using an e-reader. Can I claim bragging rights for a bit? I’ve completed 29 books so far (my goal is to hit 50 before or by year-end) but that’s because Malaysia was on full lockdown at one point so I didn’t have much to do but to read. And I love magic, fantasy and mythology! Greek and Roman. Ancient world history too.

    As for writing, I find that every little bit helps. Start small if you can’t find time to make it big yet. A short post a week is fine. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and soon, you’ll be churning out posts proper in no time! You’ll wonder why you even hesitated before. Ok, I better stop now in case I turn this comment into a full-blown post. You stay safe too and all the best in finding your groove!

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    1. Oh wow. We’re no longer on lockdown here, but there are still so many precautionary measures around, which I’m grateful for.

      Flipping pages is much easier than swiping, though. I think the reason it’s taking me forever to read Howl’s Moving Castle is the fact that it’s an e-book, and I just keep getting distracted (and/or headache-d).

      29 books is incredible, you can brag all you want. I spent lockdown playing animal crossing, from which I am now burnt out. I can’t fall asleep without listening to podcasts, though, so I’ve still managed to have my share of mythology and fairy tales.

      Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll try to solve my commitment issues as fast as I can 😭😂

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      1. We’re not really on lockdown per se; more like recovery measures to slowly ease back the lockdown rules. Like interstate travel is allowed, overseas travel is not.

        Haha, I am torn between physical books and ebooks. But then again, I have both maybe that’s how I managed to do 29 books so far. Take your time with your posting schedule lol. It’s best to do at your own pace or you might find yourself burning out again. You can do it!

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  3. Not gonna lie, I squealed when I first read “Ghibli” in this post and I squealed again when you mentioned Howl 😂 My local book stores seem to have every book by Dianna Wynne Jones but “Howl’s Moving Castle” so the struggle is real lol. I’m so looking forward to your week of writing. If you’ll have me, I volunteer to provide the gentle reminder that you may need to post today 😂 If only because I’m really looking forward to reading your writing ❤️

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    1. ohohooo thank you! I was just about to go to bed then I remembered this. I’ll def try not to miss the first day already.

      (I’m reading the ebook! Its so, so good)


  4. I challenged myself to write everyday too; it was hard at first, until I sort of shed the pressure I was unnecessarily giving myself over it. No need to FINISH every poem, every day. Just get an idea down; organise, build, tear down and reconstruct, later on! ✊ Same with reading: rediscovered my interests and paced it. I wasn’t reading 4000 years of Mediterranean history in one go 😂

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    1. I wrote yesterday, but was writing-blocked until late at night where it all came out delirious nonsense, and I had to convince myself not to post something just for the sake of posting it lol.

      It is really hard, but I know that if I don’t have anything solid to commit to, I’ll continue procrastinating (ugh). The thought that I have to write by the end of the day has me subconsciously looking for inspiration and thinking up lines leading up to that.

      (And yeah, I really hope you’re not reading 4000 years of Mediterranean history in one go; that’d mean I’m seriously falling behind on so many levels)

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      1. I totally get that, I’ll write nothing all day, then as soon as I go to try and sleep, I’ll spew some really heavy stream of consciousness material that’s too emotionally brutal to ever see light of day 😅😂

        It’s a weird balance, but you’ll find something that works for you 😊 I used to to exactly the same; I felt that if I didn’t finish an idea that day, then the emotion would be lost and I’d never pick it up properly! And looking for inspiration nearly ruined my enjoyment of music, because I’d listen solely for that purpose. Lockdown proved good for untangling that 👍

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  5. I never realised Howl’s Moving Castle was a book, you’ve taught me something new today! If you were to keep up with the daily writings, maybe you’ll teach someone something they didn’t already know every day – what better inspiration could there be? 🙂

    My child and I have watched that movie so many times, I think now might be a good time to read the book together (and not just because I like to find new and interesting ways to procrastinate with my own writing!)

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    1. It’s a lovely book!
      I know your child is about 9 right? Can she handle novels already if you read together?

      Thanks for the encouragement! I fell asleep trying to get yesterday’s post ready, so I’ve got two queued up for today 🧚🏼‍♀️


      1. Oh no, i feel responsible now; I hope you guys like them. Also, kudos to your kiddo! (english isn’t my first language so I didn’t have a baseline, but at 9 years old I didn’t even read novels in my first language lol)

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  6. Studio Ghibli has so many films dear to my heart! 😍

    I used to try very hard to write creatively every day, but eventually I came to a similar discovery that forcing myself to write just to write results in terrible quality. I end up rewriting everything on a day when I feel more into it, so eventually I decided it was better to focus on the days when writing was fun rather than a daily goal.

    Now with blogging, I knew I was never going to write a post a day. My original goal was one post per month, and somehow I ended up doing more. Goals are great for creating structured motivation, but they only take if there’s a spark underneath. I hope you find the perfect balance of structure and spark. 💖

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    1. (Can I just say that this whole comment is cute as heck)

      I love Ghibli movies! Do you have a favorite?

      You’re right, it’s a matter of balance. Forcing myself to write has done me well so far; although I’m not happy with the quality, at least I have something to develop when I feel more inspired. It was forcing myself to post stuff that I couldn’t down; I can’t put up things I’m not happy with.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment 🥺

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  7. Totoro is my favourite – the catbus, and that beautiful scene where they conjure the acorns to grow. I set The Wind Rises as a “suggested reading” for my engineering course last year when there was Studio Ghibli fest on TV. One I haven’t seen yet but really want to is Porco Rosso.

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    1. The captain goes down with the ship, right? (This captain and her ship are still barely afloat)

      I think the mythological posts are becoming a series of retellings. My current project is a take on the Hector/ Andromache story, so I’ll probably announce the whole thing a series when I post that 💫

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